Vacation Blog: Dr. Fung explains fasting for weight loss

I believe in walking my talk. One of the things I talk quite a bit about is self-care and the need to take time out for yourself for the good of everyone around you. In honor of that, I am not working all this week during my vacation. That means no original blog. I do however have a fantastic blog written by Dr. Jason Fung that I would like to share with you. It originally appeared on his Intensive Dietary Management blog which I highly recommend following for views on high fat, low carbohydrate diets. I hope you find some useful tidbits here!

What? Fasting is NOT crazy, bats@* stupid?

by Dr. Jason Fung, M.D.

Megan Ramos and I started using intermittent fasting in the Intensive Dietary Management program sometime around 2013. At the time, the entire notion of fasting smelled faintly of quackery. The prevailing wisdom was that skipping meals was an entirely suicidal idea, from a weight standpoint. After all, everybody ‘knew’ that skipping meals would make you so ravenously hungry that you would be helpless to resist stuffing donuts by the box into your mouth.

Indeed, when we started, I had never heard anybody talk about fasting. It just sort of occurred to me one day that if you wanted to lose weight, then maybe just not eating was a good idea. I was a physician, and I ask people to fast all the time. When people go for surgery, they need to fast the night before. When people go for a colonoscopy, they need to fast for 24-48 hours. When people go for fasting bloodwork, they need to fast. So, I knew that fasting wasn’t completely out of the question.

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