Six ways to be more grateful every day

Gratitude is one of my favorite practices. This is because it is a really simple exercise that takes almost no time, but has far-reaching, multi-focal benefits. If you’re only going to do one self-care practice, this one will give you the most bang for your buck. Gratitude turns what you have into enough. It turnsContinue reading “Six ways to be more grateful every day”

5 Hacks to reduce stress and increase your health-span

Who isn’t stressed these days? We are overscheduled, overworked, and overstimulated, we lack time in nature, we lack connection with people around us, and we are so used to being this way that we call this stressed-out state normal. According to the Whitehall II study (1), which followed the lifestyle and mortality of a largeContinue reading “5 Hacks to reduce stress and increase your health-span”

Pillars of Health: Mindfulness

When thinking about what makes someone healthy, many people stop at the blood-brain barrier. Our health gets separated from our mental health somehow in western culture. Mental health has a negative stigma that people tend to avoid or label as woo-woo. Still, it is becoming apparent that we can no longer deny the link betweenContinue reading “Pillars of Health: Mindfulness”

Today, Focus on Love

As I’m writing this, it is early morning on Valentine’s Day. I’m thinking about ways to express love. Traditionally, of course, Valentine’s Day is about showing love to others, but I want you to think a little differently. Yes, show those around you how much you love them, but I want you to show yourselfContinue reading “Today, Focus on Love”