Fitness lessons from a 5-year-old

My kid is a genius. Everyone thinks that, and they’re probably right. When was the last time you spent a whole day with your kid being present and open to what she has to say and how she wants to do things? This is what I did last week. On Monday, I talked about howContinue reading “Fitness lessons from a 5-year-old”

Starting the summer with a cleanse

For the next 14 days, I will be documenting my experience on my very first cleanse. If you would like to follow it, you can see the whole thing in my women’s wellness group, the Nourish Me Tribe. I will be keeping my daily journal in the group for all to see, plus popping onContinue reading “Starting the summer with a cleanse”

Reblog: Keep It Simple

This week I am sharing an article I wrote for Thrive Global about what humans should eat. Nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to be confusing. It doesn’t have to involve algorithms, apps, or even counting. Nutrition is about eating real food that promotes health rather than illness. To quote Michael Pollan,Continue reading “Reblog: Keep It Simple”

Don’t Just Eat Well…Be Well

The question I get asked most often these days is, “Um, so what exactly is a health coach?” Or, I get the look that says, “I have no idea what that is” while the person I’m talking to nods and smiles. A health coach is an advocate for whole-body health. A mentor. She is aContinue reading “Don’t Just Eat Well…Be Well”

Pillars of Health: Mindfulness

When thinking about what makes someone healthy, many people stop at the blood-brain barrier. Our health gets separated from our mental health somehow in western culture. Mental health has a negative stigma that people tend to avoid or label as woo-woo. Still, it is becoming apparent that we can no longer deny the link betweenContinue reading “Pillars of Health: Mindfulness”