How to Meal Prep Like a Pro

Meal prepping became fashionable a few years ago when healthier eating and busier lifestyles began to merge. People simply grew tired of eating stuff passed to them through a window after a long day. The obvious solution was to have dinner mostly done when they got home. Seems logical, right? There are several advantages toContinue reading “How to Meal Prep Like a Pro”

How to pack a heathy lunchbox

Isn’t it funny how once you bring your awareness to something you see that thing everywhere you go? I went to coffee with a friend the other day and she mentioned that she would love to see a blog about healthy kids’ lunch ideas. This is something I had been thinking about featuring on myContinue reading “How to pack a heathy lunchbox”

Aren’t Whole Grains Good For You?

I hear it all the time. “You are subjecting yourself to nutritional deficiencies by cutting out an entire food group.” Sometimes the word “dangerous” is thrown in there. But is really true that cutting out grains, especially glutenous grains, could subject people with an otherwise healthy diet to nutritional deficiencies? The American Dietetic Association, AmericanContinue reading “Aren’t Whole Grains Good For You?”

Caring for your little gut buddies

When I first heard about how good fermented food is for me, I thought, “Great! More wine, please!” but I didn’t really understand what she meant. I was attending a lecture given by a holistic nutritionist at a weekend yoga retreat. As with most good lectures, she said some things I already knew–this was 8Continue reading “Caring for your little gut buddies”

The Pillars of Health: Vegetables

  One of the first questions I ask my clients is “What could you do today to improve your health?” And most of them answer, “Eat more vegetables.” They’re so smart! Vegetables are a Pillar of Health because they pack a serious nutritional punch with every bite. If you did this one thing your healthContinue reading “The Pillars of Health: Vegetables”