Chia Seeds for the Win!

Not long ago, I thought chia seeds were the stuff you started a Chia Pet with. Why was everyone talking about these little black seeds? Once I learned more about these beauties, it didn’t take long for me to start adding them to everything I could think of. For such an innocent looking tiny littleContinue reading “Chia Seeds for the Win!”

The Pillars of Heath: Sleep

It is no secret that I spend most of my time educating myself about health and wellness. Not only am I enrolled in a comprehensive holistic nutrition certification program, I also spend quite a lot of time reading books, blogs, journals, and articles, listening to podcasts, Ted talks, and lectures, and watching interviews and documentaries.Continue reading “The Pillars of Heath: Sleep”

Intermittent Fasting 101

Fasting has been a part of life for centuries. People have historically undertaken fasts at different times of the year or at certain phases of their lives, usually for religious purposes. It has traditionally been used for cleansing and purifying in preparation for an important holy day, such as during Lent, Ramadan, and Yom Kippur.Continue reading “Intermittent Fasting 101”

How Food Affects Your Mood

Food is a big deal. It affects everything. We all know that what we eat becomes literally what we are physically, but did you know that food is a major player in who we are mentally? Ninety percent of our serotonin is made in the gut. If the gut is damaged, inflamed, or compromised anxietyContinue reading “How Food Affects Your Mood”

Why is nutrition so confusing?

The easy answer to this question is that everyone is different. Each person is biologically different from another person. True, we are all human with generally the same nutritional needs, but each of us has different requirements for how we get those nutrients and how much of each is necessary for abundant health. The InstituteContinue reading “Why is nutrition so confusing?”